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Cocotaps are an ingenius tool made in Australia, from strong stainless steel, to safely extract fresh coconut water from your green coconuts.  "Easy and safe for the whole family, even my 10 year old son can cocotap my green coconuts".

Coconut water is the healthiest sports drink on the planet.  The best thirst quencher, full of electrolytes to rebalance the body after physical exercise or on those hot days.  A drink you can have when you are sick in bed with the flu or tummy bug.  Great to relieve the body of dehydration from alcohol & coffee intake.  For more info, go to our books to find all the info you'll need on this amazing pure & natural living coconut water.  Written by Dr Bruce Fife, 'Coconut Water For Health & Healing'. Enjoy!!

Oh by the way, coconut water is also known as the anti-aging drink...