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About Us

The Coconol Story exudes a passion and a mission of love, dreams and inspiring others to enjoy a healthier, happier and more beautiful life with Pure Coconut Oil and organic products.  Established in 2005 by Roger & Carolyn King with the help of their 2 amazing & talented children, Grace& Josh, in North Queensland, Whitsundays, Coconol’s main driving force has been to provide a range of totally natural skincare & food products that greatly enrich your life & health naturally. Carolyn of Coconol has sourced only the purest and finest of skin, hair & body products with their signature Pure Coconut Oil being their pride and joy and number one product for everyday enjoyment of a life full of energy, youthfulness and great health.  Coconol goes beyond the call of service and excellence, to guarantee each and every product that they have carefully formulated, bottled and sourced.  We invite you to experience this journey of discovery of the amazing health benefits of Coconol’s pure products, to fall in love with our products, to dream big and to inspire others to be Naturally Healthy and Naturally Beautiful, the ‘Coconol Way’.

Only the best will do when it comes to You & Your health and Your Families and Friends.  We are here to encourage, inspire and serve you.  Enjoy the Journey!