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I recently went to the dentist with a sore tooth.  I had an abscess on my gum and swollen glands under my jaw.  The dentist prescribed me antibiotics and said to come back in a week when the infection had gone.  I told her I had started oil pulling three days earlier and would like to keep going with that for a bit longer to see if that clears up the infection.  She said it looks like it is starting to work, the puss is starting to come out. I was surprised by her comment as I didn't expect her to even acknowledge oil pulling.

I continued oil pulling and went back in a week and got the tooth filled.  No need for antibiotics.

I feel confident using your coconut oil as I know it to be a safe product.  These days with so many different ones on the market it is nice to know and trust that you are supplying us with the very safest coconut oil. —Deb S.


"Tired, exhausted, run down and barely managing. Isn't that what a mother of a large family is supposed to feel like? Well, I was sick of feeling like this and not coping. I started taking Coconol's Super Woman Probiotic Superfood daily and the improvement has been remarkable. I'm sailing through some of the busiest weeks of my life and even finding time to write a testimonial for this incredible Superfood. I love it!" —Jennifer R.


Coconol's products are honestly the best coconut products I have ever had!! Love them! —Maryanne K.


Thank-you so much for the two orders I put in earlier this week. Grace handled my tricky order with ease and precision, I asked for guidance with the gifts I ordered and she took on the challenge with style. The ladies were blown away by the quality and presentation of your products. They were absolutely delighted, thanks. My oil and gifts for my sister also arrived today and I can’t wait to share them with her. Thank-you both for such a wonderful service. Caroline, you are doing an amazing job. Kind regards from a very happy customer. Simone


I first started using Coconol’s products over two years ago. I had met Carolyn in the Whitsunday markets and fell in love with her products and her passion for health. I love coconut oil and use it all over my body and take it in my daily mango smoothies. It’s such a wonderful product and it keeps your skin supple inside and out. It has amazing health benefits and is great for cooking. I recommend her products to all my friends and family. —Suzanne Haddon, Designer


Being diagnosed with Epstein Barr virus as a child which turned into glandular fever in her teens, Carolyn struggled with up and downs in energy levels, swollen glands, candida, and mood swings for most of her life, until she found coconut oil. The condition of her hair and nails improved and her skin, never again has it been dry and uncomfortable. “The best skin and hair moisturizer and rejuvenator I have ever used, and with that yummy, smell of fresh coconut,” says Carolyn, with a big smile! —Carolyn King, Business Owner


I have suffered with bad skin in the form of acne for the last 33 years.  I thought that with age the condition would disappear, although it has improved but not gone away.  I have spent tens of thousands of dollars on skin products and treatments, prescription drugs and dermatologists, all with limited or no success.

I heard about coconut oil and thought I would give it a try, although I was very sceptical as surely putting oil on my skin would only make my skin oilier and cause more blockages.  After an initial period some areas of my skin got worse, but I had been expecting that it would have to get worse before it got better.  What did surprise me, though, was instead of my skin getting oilier, the areas on my face with the acne actually became dry as the oil dried out the sores.  I was then concerned that my skin was going to dry out too much but I have discovered that the area unaffected by acne is very soft and conditioned while the acne areas dry out with the application of coconut oil.  Information tells me that the coconut oil being antibacterial and antiviral melts skin blockages before they turn into pimples, but if a pimple has already formed the coconut oil acts as a healing and drying agent.  It works very rapidly on my skin and the results are amazing.  The condition of my skin improved very rapidly and many people made comments.  I got so confident that I stopped using the oil and within weeks started having problems again, so I am back on the coconut oil again.

Instead of using half a dozen products I only have to wash my face (even with ordinary soap but it is much better to use coconut soap) and apply a light film of the coconut oil once a day.  The results have been amazing.

One of my daughters recently had a bout of Impetigo (school sores).  I treated it in the normal way that is, antibiotics, antibacterial wash and Betadine.  After applying Betadine the sores still wept and spread and were very difficult to get rid of.  Finally after a second treatment of antibiotics and weeks of treating the sores we finally got rid of them.  Not long after my second daughter got Impetigo.  By this time I was very impressed with the healing properties of coconut oil and thought that as it was antibacterial and antiviral it should work on the Impetigo.  I applied the coconut oil to the sores and immediately they stopped weeping and dried up over night.  The sores responded incredibly well to the application of coconut oil with all sores remaining small and none spreading or returning.  Compared with my other daughter whose Impetigo lasted approximately 3-4 weeks, my second daughter’s bout only lasted for about 6 days.  The sores healed rapidly and left no scaring.  I was so impressed that I am a confirmed believer in the therapeutic value of coconut oil and will continue to use it always.  It now has a permanent place in our medicine cabinet as well as my travel toiletry bag. —Robyn


I was feeling incredibly run down, exhausted and basically totally stressed out around 5 weeks ago. I live an incredibly full and busy life keeping up with a demanding career and a large family still living at home…. not to mention the 5am start at the gym each morning and the 8am to 6.30pm working days. I just could not keep up with the pace while my whole psyche and physical wellbeing were taking the toll. My weight was skyrocketing and basically I felt a mess, each day was becoming a struggle. What I hated most was the foggy brain (I usually have a very sharp intellect) …. where at my most tired, everything seamed surreal and I could not take anything in. Life was no longer fun it was downright tedious and perfunctory. I gave the gym a miss for three months thinking I was pushing it to hard and I just got worse.

I went to my Doctor for a check up convinced there was something terribly wrong with me… thyroid perhaps as I had all the classic symptoms of this disorder? Blood test came back fine… blood sugars and cholesterol were border line but clinically nothing serious was up. He had no recommendation for treatment accept some ‘me time’, relaxation therapy and Coconol coconut oil and he gave me a brochure recommending I take three tablespoons of this a day. I went away feeling despondent and quite frankly disappointed with his recommendations and honestly felt he was not taking me very seriously and maybe though I was just another neurotic female. He’s a great doctor so I did what he said not believing this would make much difference to my life at all.

Was I wrong!!!!!

2 weeks later I was back to my old self with momentary lapses of tiredness. 3 weeks later I had dropped 3lb, my tinea was completely gone and my brain is a sharp as a tack. My skin looks amazing and literally glows. My hair has regained it shine. Follow up blood test showed perfect levels for blood sugar and cholesterol was back to normal

Even more astounding and this really blew me away is that my whole family went down with a debilitating virus of horrible proportions, each hospitalised and put on IV therapy and intravenous drugs due to the severity of its impact on them. 5 people in my immediate family flat on their back home from hospital and only me to care for them and a 3 day incubation period to look forward to before I was bound to get it the hospital said.

I didn’t get it

Half the city got it …

I didn’t get it.

I was the only person in my family who was on Coconol coconut oil, they all poo who’d it and would not try it… said it was too expensive and just a con. Now they want everything they eat cooked in it and they put it in their shakes.

The trips to hospital x 5 times and Doctors surgery’s pre and post recovery from the virus cost our family $ 2,835.65. Following their recovery I politely pointed this out to my family informing them this did not include addition cost eg  loss of pay for that week or entertainment cost to keep them amused during their convalescence and petrol cost to and fro from hospitals and doctors and my 5 sleepless nights looking after them while they were violently ill !. Honestly speaking after this experience Coconol is extremely economical and the benefits in using this product are nothing short of miraculous.

Thanks Carolyn for all your support during this and I hope this testimonial will help others enjoy their life again as I am. What a fantastic product. —Wendy D.


Greetings people.  I just wanted to let you know that I have had some amazing results with Coconol coconut oil. I am 27 years old and have struggled with overeating and obesity since puberty. I have tried a variety of diets with limited success but more often than not I have just given in to my flesh by binge eating of fish & chips, cheesecakes, soft drinks, meat pies, take away foods, processed goodies, chocolates, fried chicken and so many other real bad stuff. I can remember gorging until I hurt and crying out to God to help me as I unwrapped my next piece of fat and oily junk. Losing weight became a Mission Impossible.

I was so dang lucky one day My Big sister told me about coconut oil and bought me a book called Eat Fat & Look Thin.  I laughed my butt off cos I thought it was a joke cos I am FAT ALREADY and the author wants me to get FATTER.... OMG! What has the world come to. I read the information and man could not believe that this stuff works wonders and its for REAL until I tried the Coconol coconut oil for 3 weeks and saw that the fat would slide my body. I've never met anyone lazier than me who HATED exercising and working out at the gym or loved food anymore than I do. I lost weight eating Coconol coconut oil. OMG! I still cannot believe it. I can't believe that this product works so well and so quickly!! The amazing thing about it is that I have not been hungry nor have I experienced any loss of energy, as a matter of fact I have experienced increased energy, mental alertness, and I have noticed that my complexion has improved dramatically.

This is my weight loss secret everyone, I put 80 ml of Coconol Oil into my smoothies, 100 mls into my vegetable stir frys, I used it to make pancakes and then 3 table spoons as a filling with jam. I buttered my bread with coconut oil and added it onto my breakfast cereal. I use it to deep fry chicken, fish & chips, etc etc

I feel like there is hope for everyone to actually obtain their goals and go down to 56 kg. Knowing that I will be able to help other people rid themselves of FAT with NO negative side effects is probably my biggest JOY. —CJ


Last week I had a new kitchen put in, consequently my home was ‘upside down’.  This meant that I didn’t take my COCONOL Coconut oil for three days!! At first I believed my aches and pains were due to all the extra work I was doing.  As soon as I started taking the Coconut oil again, the aches and pains disappeared! So many people here in Adelaide have a nasty virus/flu, I believe the Coconut oil is helping my immune system as I am feeling very healthy. I love the soap and cream, I am just so happy with your products. —June S.


I have to thank you for the lovely coconut oil. I am indebted to you for this. I have used it every day. It has absolutely improved the look of my skin and I am recommending it as the oil of preference for the facial rejuvenation treatment that we present in the Health Traditions Remedial Cupping workshops. I know that this oil is the reason for my skin clearing and looking brighter and healthier than it has in many many years. I love low maintenance products, particularly when it comes to trying to treat the face. I have always found this difficult and time consuming. This oil has far exceeded anything that I have come to expect in a facial, or dare I say, a beauty routine.  —Shirley G.