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A new era begins....

A note from Carolyn...

Do you ever feel pulled between knowing you need to make a change or staying where you are at???
Not always easy to do, especially if you love what you do.  But I have found that with each new season that I go through in my life, my business has had to make the necessary changes to adapt to my circumstances and my family's too.  I suppose that is why I love having my own business.
As my teens grow into young adults now, I am finding my mother's heart wanting to spend more time being there if they need me,
 navigating these times with young people in this day is quite different than my parents did for me. And wanting to establish Coconol Brand Australia wide has been a vision and mission for me since we began 13 years ago.  So with all the ground work invested into my business / passionate ministry of love/ for those years I can honestly say that the journey has been huge with many amazing times and many challenges that have grown us and made us who we are today, more humbled, compassionate and understanding, a nicer person all round thanks to God in my life.

So now I am ready to get back to creating and dreaming and getting out in the community to share the good news of Coconol and its Culture of Health, Beauty and Healing with you all.

Well that has been my journey the past 12 months.  Loving what I do and helping our customers with their health, beauty and healing needs at our retail locations, markets and over the phone has been a way of life for me and my family for the past 15 years.  And we will still continue to do this but with a few exciting changes along the way.

As with all changes there is a process of letting go to make a change into the new. This year is that year of change for Coconol. We are changing the way we do business and giving the opportunity for others to work with us in the new era of Health, Beauty and Healing. Check out the article below to find out more....
In the mean time I have been working on our new Face and Body Scrub Polishes. Ohhh so exciting!!!

These polishes will go back with our Pure Coconut Oil to bring the most beautiful glowing youthful smooth skin you have ever experienced.  Infused with organic essential oils, our clay and delicate mixture of natural scrub beads will be an affordable necessary, luxury for your skin. 
Smooth, refine, nourish, hydrate and tone your skin naturally and simply @ Coconol HBH (Health.Beauty.Healing)

Launching April/May 2019 with our other new food products you will not want to miss out on the opportunity to get your hands on these.  Make the perfect gift for your loved one or friend or family member.