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Stop Autism Now!

Stop Autism Now!


A parent's guide to preventing and reversing autism spectrum disorders.

"Autism is a subject that I have spent a good deal of time analyzing, researching & writing about & no one does a better job condensing & explaining what is known about this terrible disorder than does Dr. Fife.  His advice, designed to treat this disorder, is based on good science and practical experience.  This book will help millions of children who have become a victim of a health policy gone mad.  Parents should all have this book on their bookshelves and refer to it often."....... Russell L. Blaylock, MD, Theoretical Neurosciences Research, LLC. Visiting Professor of Biology, Bellhaven University, Neurosurgeon (Retired), Author of Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills.

"Dr Bruce Fife has done an outstanding job onStop Autism Now!  This book gives the latest stats on the pervasiveness of autism spectrum disorder and more importantly, viable solutions.  With food lists and recipes galore, Dr Fife make the diet doable and manageable and worth your effort to try it".....Carolyn Dean, MD, Author of The Magnesium Miracle.