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Tampico FSC Body Brush
Tampico FSC Body Brush

Tampico FSC Body Brush

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Bristle: Firm

Made of the finest Tampico plant bristles, this brush features a long detachable handle, fantastic for travel and a great gift idea!

Tampico bristles are a fine plant bristle that won't scratch the skin, it is cut on a smooth convex so it hugs the body while dry brushing and has no sharp edges.

The timber used in the making of this product is FSC certified, FSC is an independent, non-governmental, not-for-profit organisation established to promote the responsible management of the world's forests.

Caring for You and Your Brush

The best time to dry body brush is in the morning before your shower. After brushing and showering, moisturize your skin with Coconol's Pure Coconut Oil or Body Lotions.

Avoid brushing during an active cancer state, on burnt skin or open wounds.

Caring for your brush will make it last longer and reduce the build up of bacteria in bristles. After each use, spritz your body and face brush with Coconol's Tea Tree Hydrosol. Wash with Coconol's Tea Tree Soap in hot water once a week, pat excess water dry with towel and leave out to dry in a well ventilated area with bristles facing down so that water does not run into the timber head. Allow brush to dry completely before using again. Do not leave in direct sunlight or damp areas.

Avoid submerging or washing timber of brush in hot, soapy water. Because the timber is natural and has not been treated with chemicals, plastics or lacquer, the timber may crack if it gets really wet, which is why we suggest to wash only the bristles. If any cracks occur, this will not affect the quality of the brush.

Download a printable brochure on how to dry skin brush here!